Custom Bittorrent Tracker development :

PHPSOFT.ORG is the right place if you want to have a tracker that doesn't look like all the others !
I have been working on many projects related to Bittorrent, and each time I had to code a tracker that could integrate an already existing site.
I have multiple references, and having gained a lot of experience in bittorrent tracker coding, I am now offering you my services at very low prices !

Admin of the Torrent Trader project, I have also already coded several trackers. Do you need some special features like:
I can either code a new tracker from scratch, or customize an already existing one (php and C++ trackers only) to make it 100% fits your needs.

If you have any further question,or are interested in having your own custom coded bittorrent tracker, just contact me !

Screenshots of a custom integration made into a shareware listing website: