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TorrentTrader is fully supported by a team of developers who are willing to help troubleshoot your problems. When requesting support please remember that TorrentTrader is free software that we code in our spare time. We are NOT obliged to answer all support requests nor can we be expected to answer every request within just a few hours. If you are posting in the forums be sure to post in the correct place and include your site's url and a detailed explanation of the problem. Non-specific and/or duplicate support requests will simply go ignored.


Most feature related questions are answered in the new manual so please consult this first. There is also a large section regarding installation and upgrading related issues. Read the manual here.


You can post specific questions in the forums. You will most likely receive replies from other users and developers are also on hand to provide a more precise explanation/solution. The Forums.


To talk 1on1 with other users/developers please connect to the TorrentTrader IRC channel.Connect via mIRC using ... Server: EFNET, Port 6667 and Channel #torrenttrader.


If you have a specific issue please email sqrtboy@phpsoft.org.


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