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TorrentTrader v1.0.0 is vastly different from any previous release. TorrentTrader is now a frontend only - allowing you to choose which backend you wish to use from those currently supported. Currently only one backend - the TorrentBits backend - is supported and this is installed by default but over the next few weeks support will be extended so that it will be possible to use TorrentTrader as the frontend with ANY other BitTorrent tracker! The feature list below is not complete, it serves only to give an indication of what's changed since the previous TorrentTrader version(s).

Simple installation script will install TorrentTrader in under 5 minutes
TorrentTrader v1.0.0 distribution includes the pre-modified TorrentBits backend so no extra files are needed
Complete upgrade from previous TorrentTrader versions
NEW Complete upgrade from phpTracker
Coded entirely in php/mysql to ensure maximum compatibility
SOON Support for 'home' (windows) installs
SOON Can be used with the php/sql ByteMonsoon backend, php/sql TorrentBits backend, php FBT backend or C++ XBT backend
User passwords are fully encrypted
5 user ranks each with separate access rights
NEW Tracker Lockdown - locks down the entire tracker making it appear offline for a period of time
Anti-Leech Protection - forces users to login before they can download FROM the .torrent file
NEW Advanced Logging - ALL activity is now logged
Local IP Banning - ban single IPs, IP ranges or simply disable a user's account for X days
NEW Global IP Banning - ban over 10,000 'dangerous' IPs from your tracker using a weekly blocklist downloadable from TT.com
Member Features
Unlimited members
Personal profile for each
Upload/Download Stats per user
Private Messaging
User CP - users may edit their profile, edit their settings and manage their uploads
Staff Features
NEW Complete Administrator control panel
NEW Adjust ALL tracker settings
NEW Manage Themes
NEW Manage Languages
NEW Manage Bans
NEW Add/Edit/Delete Torrents
NEW Add/Edit/Delete Users
NEW Add/Delete Categories
NEW Moderate Comments
NEW View/Prune activity logs
Standard Features

NEW Debug Mode

NEW Advanced Theming system
NEW Forum-Style Redirection Messages
Multiple Languages
Advanced details for each torrent
Search facility
This is an incomplete list. To see all the other features which I have forgotten about please go to the demo!

2004 SqrtBoy