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Torrent Trader Releases :
Torrent Trader v1 BETA RC2 (28/04/2004)
Torrent Trader v1 BETA RC1 (04/03/2004)
Torrent Trader v1 BETA (02/03/2004)
Torrent Trader v1 ALPHA (22/12/2003)
phpTracker v2.0 FINAL (03/11/2003)

Language Packs for Torrent Trader :

Free Themes for Torrent Trader :

Xgrey (by X18999)

Xorange (by X18999)

Xgreen (by X18999)

Free Hacks for Torrent Trader :
Tracker Load v1.1 (SqrtBoy)(NEW)
RSS Feed (Beeman)(NEW)
Picture for Torrents (XWoman)(NEW)
Allow/Block users (XWoman)(NEW)
Anti WebBrowsers Protection (SqrtBoy)(NEW)
My Ad In Torrents (SqrtBoy)(NEW)
Max Simultaneous Torrents (SqrtBoy)
ShoutBox (Lila)
ChatRoom (MauiRedMan)
Average Progress Display (SqrtBoy)
Improved Users Online Panel (SqrtBoy)
GZIP support for announce and scrape (SqrtBoy)
/scrape and /announce redirections (SqrtBoy)
Cleanup Fix (Up To Date Stats) (SqrtBoy)
"Tracked By ..." (SqrtBoy)
Limited characters display on main page (SqrtBoy)
Compact and No_peer_id modes support (SqrtBoy)
Multi Tracker Torrents Support (SqrtBoy)

Premium Hacks for Torrent Trader :
VBTT : VBulletin Front-End for your Torrent Trader Tracker (100 EUR)
Vbulletin Login/Register Hack (10 EUR)
Invision PowerBoard Login/Register Hack (10 EUR)
Suprnova.org Auto Submit Hack (10 EUR)
LokiTorrent.com Auto Submit Hack (10 EUR)
Youceff.com Auto Submit Hack (10 EUR)
Torrent Speed Hack (10 EUR)

You can submit your own files for Torrent Trader at sqrtboy AT phpsoft.org

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