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TorrentTrader Demo

The best way to see what TorrentTrader is all about is to test it for yourself! Feel free to signup for an account at the demo site and upload/download any test releases. For security purposes all uploads will be randomly deleted every few hours and the Admin CP will NOT make any lasting changes.

to access the demo click here

to access the admin cp click here

The DEMO currently uses:

     TorrentTrader v1.0.0
     ALL available themes
     ALL available language packs
     ShoutBox Hack
     Global IP Banning Service

to access the demo click here

TTrader LITE Demo
We also have a demo of TTrader LITE.

TTrader LITE is a simplified version of TorrentTrader. It uses a php/sql backend and you may upgrade from TTrader LITE to the full TorrentTrader at any time and without losing your settings and/or content. TTrader LITE is strongly recommended for new users!

to access the demo click here

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