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What Is TorrentTrader?

TorrentTrader is a feature packed and highly customisable open-source frontend to be used with popular BitTorrent tracker scripts. Instead of an ugly table listing random hash numbers and peers TorrentTrader allows you to have a user-friendly interface, displaying detailed information for each release. Standard features include unlimited torrents, unlimited categories and unlimited individual user accounts. Optionally you may choose to use Download Tracking, Anti-Leech Protection and/or Global IP Banning. A complete Admin CP and an automated install/upgrade script is also available.

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Key Features
Can be used with multiple tracker backends
Unlimited torrents, categories and users
Multiple languages + themes
Public or Private Tracker switch
Upload/Download statistics tracking
Private messaging system
Anti-Leech Protection
Global IP Banning
See the complete feature list ...

    TorrentTrader v1.0.0 (FULL version)
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A LITE version of TorrentTrader is also available. If you are a new user or do not require all the features of the main script you may wish to use TTrader LITE instead.




IRC Email

Comprehensive support is offered but please remember that this is FREE software and we are not obliged to solve your every problem. Priority Support is also available for a small fee.

Donate / Custom Work

If you use TorrentTrader please make a donation to help support the project and to show your gratitude. Another way to support us is to ensure that we get first offer on any custom work!

Installation/Upgrade - from $10
Hack Installation - from $5
Custom Theme - from $20
Custom Hack - from $10

Latest News
27th August 2004 (SqrtBoy@phpsoft.org)
Added 4 new hacks for TT, thanks to XWoman and Beeman (and me).

23th August 2004 (SqrtBoy@phpsoft.org)
Added one new free hack, one free theme and two premium hacks in DOWNLOADS section of site.Torrent Trader v1 lite Public Beta will begin soon, you can already start looking after it here

21th August 2004 (SqrtBoy@phpsoft.org)
Added one new free hack, two themes and one language file in DOWNLOADS section of site.

20th August 2004 (SqrtBoy@phpsoft.org)
I am back from holidays. Starting to work on TTv1 Light, which will be a PHP only tracker. You can discuss about this news on forums

7th August 2004 (SqrtBoy@phpsoft.org)
The Downloads Page is now full of content for your tracker, have a look at it here.
A Demo Tracker is available here.
I have opened a newsletter for TorrentTrader.com/PHPSOFT.ORG, subsribe your email address to it to be informed of the latest news of the site !
I have started fixing bugs for v1 FINAL, you can have a look at the job done here.

6th August 2004 (SqrtBoy@phpsoft.org)
Site is now 100% online, with forums, downloads ... A demo of the latest TT will be set up soon. You can see the progress made on this page.
TTrader LITE

A simplified version of TorrentTrader. If you do not require/use all of TT's features and do not require multiple backends then this simple php/sql tracker maybe for you!


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